20 Minute At Home Body Workout

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I was the girl that HATED any type of physical activity when I was younger.

I absolutely dreaded gym class. I had no athletic ability whatsoever.

As I got older, I started getting more *ahem* comfortable and eating everything in sight. I packed on the pounds.

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I started my weight loss journey by following at home workout videos. My favourite was Tony Horton’s 10-minute trainer and Shaun T’s Focus T-25. You know why? CUZ THE WORKOUTS ARE SHORT!

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What these workouts consisted of were equipment free HIIT-style (High Intensity Interval Training) exercises that could be done at home. Of course, you can add weight or resistance bands to up the challenge.

Though the workouts are short, they are INTENSE. And that’s what I liked. You didn’t have time to be bored, like you do on a treadmill.

I still incorporate High Intensity or HIIT workouts today in all of my workouts. I’d much rather be doing more in a short amount of time, than spending a lot of time doing ONE boring thing.

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Check out this graphic for a quick workout you can try at home:

How to make time for exercise and a full-time jobFor more information visit

If you are interested in HIIT workouts, I suggest checking out Also check out the materials below:

What are your favourite forms of exercise? Let me know down below!

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