You know what I hate? Panty lines!

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One time, I was heading to the gym, feeling cute and comfy in my fave workout pants. Then, as I walk by one of those ginormous mirrors, I see the horror – VISIBLE PANTY LINES! Or, VPL for short.

Seriously, this can sometimes make or break my day. It’s stupid, but I was in one of those moods and my VPLs were not making it any better.

So here are some tips to help avoid the dreaded panty lines

Textured Fabrics and Prints

prints and knits to avoid vplThicker/textured knit fabrics worn on the bottom help disguise any lines that may show through. You can wear your comfiest, granniest panties under these if you play your cards right! haha!

Wear a Microfiber Thong

Let’s be honest, most thongs aren’t that comfortable to wear or ideal to wear everyday.

In my experience, the key to comfortable thongs is finding the fit and material combination.

miel sisters luna thongMiel Sisters is a brand dedicated to making underwear that you just want to live in. All day, everyday.

Their thongs are super stretchy and breathable. The design is seamless, and the way that it’s cut makes sure that it isn’t digging in anywhere. More info on their website.

Try Wearing a Slip

hooked up nude skirt slip

We already know what a big fan of shapewear I am. Wearing a slip like this one underneath your fitted dress or skirt will help smooth out any VPL and unwanted bulges out. Double whammy!

Mid Thigh Shapewear

One of my faves to wear under fitted clothing, and it’s super comfy! Similar to wearing a slip, this one smooths out any unwanted rolls and dimples. It’s super comfy because I don’t have to wear underwear underneath these. Lol! But the length of the legs gives me coverage so I don’t feel exposed.

More info on different types of shapewear here.

Other Picks:

featherlight shapewear 

Laser cut, lightweight shorts 

mid thigh shorts 

Bike short length with Tummy control

Laser Cut Underwear

Like I discussed earlier, thongs aren’t always the comfiest thing to wear. Another one of my faves is to find cheeky cut underwear that are made of a thin, sleek material that’s been laser cut to avoid any lines.

  1. I love the Miel thongs, so comfy and versatile. I use them to workout and under fitted clothes.

    1. They are so comfy! So glad I’ve discovered them. Have you tried anything else from Miel?

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