Battle of the Eyelash Glues: Duo vs. Ardell

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Who doesn’t love false lashes? I feel like it ups the wow factor of the makeup so much! So many times, when I’m doing makeup, as soon as the lashes come on, the client is all “OMG! I love it! WOW! Look at my eyes! I love the lashes!” I love love love full, feathery , fluttery lashes. Lashes make such a huge difference.


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For the longest time, I was using the readily available Ardell LashGrip Adhesive in “Clear”. It was easy to get, I’d just pop by the cosmetics section at Walmart or Sally’s after picking up whatever else I was shopping for. And if I happen to only remember that I’m out of eyelash glue at 9pm on a Friday night, no prob, I can go to the nearest Walmart and grab it there! I love Walmart! Oh, and the LashGrip also comes in Black.

It’s never given me any problems. It was waterproof when dry, and held the lashes in place all day. I understood that there was a setting time for all eyelash glue, you apply to the falsies, and wait for the glue to “set” before you pop them on. No biggie. Oh, and that white stuff you see? It dries clear, no worries! If it dries too shiny, just put some black liner over it. No big deal.

Then I discovered DUO glue!

Now, I’ve heard of Duo plenty of times before, it’s super popular amongst the false lash lovin’ girlies. I always thought it was cuz it’s available at MAC, and, well, there weren’t too many places to buy makeup around these parts 10-15 years ago. Everyone went to MAC for everything. I just figured no one really knew where to buy that kinda stuff. I just stuck with my tried and true Ardell glue, I didn’t think there was much different about Duo than the Ardell glue. Boy was I wrong!

A few months ago, I was at Sally’s, another one of my favourite stores, and I saw the Duo glue there with all the lashes. I decided to pick it up and try it out for myself. I picked up the Dark tinted one.

Let me tell ya, what a difference! Okay, at first, there really isn’t that much different between the 2 brands at first, except the colour cuz I bought the dark one. I applied it to the lash like I normally would, and wait for it to set. I waited about 30 secs to a minute, and applied the lash on like normal.


With the Ardell glue, even though I would wait a minute before applying the lash, I don’t think the glue ever really “set” in that time frame. It was still a little slippy on the lash line. With the Duo, I didn’t experience any of that. The Duo glue took less time to set, and therefore cut my time fidgeting with the lashes when I was doing clients.

The dark tint also helps cut down time on unnecessary steps. I know that it sounds pretty obvious, but when you’re used to doing things a certain way for so long, you forget that there are better alternatives! Ha ha… boy do I sound old! But yes, I no longer had to say to clients “Don’t worry, the white spots dry clear…” and then after waiting for it to dry, apply liner or mascara on the shiny parts. More time spent on steps that could have all been avoided!

I really enjoy the Duo because it cuts down on my application time per client, which is very important when I’ve got 6 bridesmaids to do makeup on! The Ardell isn’t a bad product, it does its job, but the Duo works much faster!

The DUO also comes in an easy brush on version in Clear and Dark

I would recommend both to anyone asking about lash glues. Duo if it’s convenient, if not, the Ardell glue will work in a false eyelash emergency anyday!

PS. If you can’t find either glue locally, try looking for em on Amazon!

Duo Dark Tinted Eyelash Glue

Ardell Clear Strip Lash Adhesive


What is your favourite lash glue? Is there a brand that I haven’t heard of yet and need to know of?

  1. Love a good false lash. I suffer from hardly any REAL lashes so these things are the best. I just can’t put them on myself. Boo! Coming from Bloggy Mom March Blog Hop xo

  2. Hey thanks a lot for this review. Can ypu please tell me how much does duo glue cost?

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