Feeling the flu coming on? Try this!

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About a month ago, literally 3 nights before my flight to Hawaii, I felt a chill run through my body.

Throughout the day, my bones started to ache and I was shivering non stop inside my house.



“I think I caught something….”

“I think it’s the flu…”


Luckily, I know my body well and I was able to catch this in the baby stages. I hadn’t developed a fever yet, but I knew it would come if I didn’t take care of this.

“I’m gonna fight this flu. I REFUSE to be sick on my vacation!”

How I Did It

Here’s what I did AS SOON as I felt like it was the flu:

Ginseng Caps – Follow instructions. Mine was extra strength so I only took  1  a day

Vitamin C – 3-4 capsules throughout the day.

Emergen-C – 1 pack and I CHUGGED it. It isn’t a huge serving and it tastes pretty good.

My special tea

I drink to regularly, and instead of sipping my normal tea, I made one using ingredients that had flu-busting abilities.

What you’ll need per large mug:

Echinacea tea – I used this one

Ginger – several slices

Lemon juice – about half a lemon

Apple Cider Vinegar – 1 tsp, more if you can handle it.

Cayenne pepper powder – a sprinkle, it’s really spicy! Omit if you can’t handle spicy.

Cinnamon powder – to taste

Honey – to taste

Simply combine all of the ingredients in a mug, and pour boiled water in! Let it steep for a few minutes.

It’s not the best tasting thing, but it’ll be worth it!

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How It Went

I went to bed early the first night, after drinking the special tea.

The first half of the night, I was shivering and layered up on clothes, socks, and blankets.

The other half, I was sweating uncontrollably and had to throw everything off. I guess this was the “fever”, though my body didn’t have a high temperature.

I woke up in the morning and didn’t feel 100%, but better than the day before.

I continued with the supplements and tea on day 2, and by day 3, I WAS BACK TO NORMAL!

I kept up with the tea, just because I didn’t want the flu to creep up on me. I also brought the Echinacea tea with me to Hawaii just in case, but never had to use it.


I was able to enjoy my vacation without a hiccup from the flu, And thankfully, no one else caught it either!

Do you have a flu remedy that works for you? I’d love to know your secret!

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