How To Pump Up Your Booty Before a Hot Date!

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Did you know that you can quickly “pump” up your muscles before a hot date or special event? When you are working out, blood flows to the muscles being worked, and this extra circulation gives them a plumper, fuller look.

This pump only lasts a few hours though, but hey, I’ll take what I can get!

I am personally always wanting my booty to look better, so before an exciting night, I like to do the following things to help it things look a bit more filled out!

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First Up

You need these:

Using resistance bands not only enhances these exercises, they also really help pump blood to your muscles, which helps to give you that plump look and shape you want in the glutes.

The great thing about having a whole set is that you can use different resistances as you get stronger. These are also great to travel with and do workouts in your hotel room!

Get your resistance bands here

Single Leg Kickbacks 

(25 reps, 4 sets each leg)


Standing with your core still, you can hold onto the back of a chair, a pole or wall for support, kick your left leg back in a steady swinging motion, and SQUEEZE at the top. Lower your leg down, and complete the set on your left leg. Repeat on your right leg.

Advanced: I like to do these with a resistance band around my knees to really feel the burn.

TIP: in the coming hours before your event, you can reduce your waist a bit by using a waist belt like this one to get rid of a bit of excess water in the tummy area! See my post on Waistshaperz here.

Pulsing Squats

(50 reps, 2 sets)

pulsin-squat for fuller bootyThis is like a regular squat, but with a smaller range of motion. You aren’t trying to get too much depth or finishing the squat all the way at the top. You are simply just doing a squat down to parallel, and bouncing a few inches back up, and really focusing on contracting your glutes.

Advanced: You can do this with light weight if you want more of a challenge, or with resistance bands around your knees.

Butt Bridges 

(25 reps, 4 sets)

butt bridge for bigger bumLay on the ground with your back and feet flat on the ground, knees up. Pushing through your heels, lift your hips off the ground and squeeze at the top!

Advanced: Place a resistance loop around your knees. When you’re squeezing your butt at the top, also gently pulse your knees in and out to really get that burn.

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Keep in mind, this isn’t a workout to grow muscles. It is just something to do when you want your peach to look a bit fuller for a short period of time. If you follow this process, your booty can get a good pump for a few hours!

If you work out regularly, you can use a waist belt and a product like Gel-V (review here) to help rid of excess water, which helps make your midsection look tighter and smaller.

If you need help smoothing out the skin on your booty and thighs, check out Apex Booty Cream.

Now, I don’t 100% believe it can make my booty bigger, but it can appear that way once all that skin is smooth and plumped up. I’m trying it out for free, and making sure I cancel before the 14 days is up! Get your free trial here.

Try it out!

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